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Your Health Information and Australia's Privacy Laws

The updated Privacy Act sets out minimum standards for protecting your privacy within organizations that hold health information. The Act applies to all private sector health services, including private practicing Dietitians/Nutritionists and other health professionals.


We collect information about your health in order to make assessments and recommendations. Health information may be disclosed to other relevant health service providers where necessary to maintain quality of care. This information is not available to any persons not involved in your health care without your prior consent.


Personal information is kept confidential, accurate and complete and is held securely.


We use personal information for individual assessments, accounting and managing payments. You can ask for access to your health record and if you think it is inaccurate we will amend the information.


We are not permitted to use or disclose any Commonwealth identification numbers eg Medicare number. 


If health information needs to be transferred out of Australia, we will only do this if the recipient is also bound by similar Privacy laws. If not, we will only provide information with your prior permission.

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